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I pill is an emergency contraceptive pill that is intended for women who wish to prevent pregnancy, but forgot to use other birth control methods during a sexual intercourse. But the pill is only effective when it is taken after a sexual intercourse and before the sperm fertilizes the ovum released by the ovaries. I Pill cannot help to prevent pregnancy after the establishment of a pregnancy. I Pill is also referred to as a morning after pill or simply ECP. People prefer to buy I Pill online, as this pill contains levonorgestrel, which is a hormone used in a number of birth control pills. Levonorgestrel containing ECP is the safest one to use among all the available contraceptive pills and it also backed by the recommendation from WHO.

How I Pill works to prevent pregnancy?

I Pill works by delaying the ovulation process. Delaying the ovulation process in other words means, delaying the release of ovum which precludes fertilization. I Pill also works by inhibiting the mobility of sperm, which is also another approach in interfering with the fertilization process. So, when the ovulation is already done, then the effect of levonorgestrel will help to reduce the mobility of the sperm.

How should one take I Pill?

I Pill must be taken within 24 to 72 hours after a sexual intercourse. This specific time frame is important because the pill will not be able to abort the pregnancy once the fertilization happens. However, I Pill cannot be used on a regular basis, as the continuous use is proven to be harmful to the body. Typically, I Pill is not recommended to be taken more than 2 times in one-month duration.

How I pill is different from an Abortion pill?

I Pill is different from the abortion pill because it cannot prevent or abort the pregnancy after the fertilization has already occurred. I Pill tries to detain the fertilization process itself, whereas, the abortion pill stops the growth during pregnancy and provokes the uterus to expel the pregnancy. Unlike I pill, abortion pill does not have any time constraints.

I pill Dosage information

Each dose of I Pill containing 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel would be sufficient to prevent the pregnancy. Two doses can be taken in the duration of 24 hours, which means, each dose can be 12 hours apart. As the dosage might also change the type of the pill, read the information leaflet carefully before consuming the pill.

What are the common side effects of I pill?

As this is only intended for short-term use, relying on the pill every time on engages in a sexual activity is bound to cause menstrual problems and even cause damage to the ovaries.
Other side effects occurring as a result of using I pill are

  • Reduced sexual interest,
  • Allergies of the skin and
  • Irregularities in the menstrual cycle like preponed periods.
  • In some women, it also causes hormonal imbalance, the result of which is a severe headache.

Precautions to be followed when taking I pill

  • I pill must only be consumed by women who are in the age group of 25 to 45. Hence chemists or pharmacists have to make sure that, youngsters do not abuse the pill.
  • I Pill must be used only for emergency situations.
  • I pill needs to be taken on time as, further the consumption of the pill is from the time of a sexual intercourse, lower the chances of preventing a pregnancy.

How to store I pill safely?

  • I pills must be stored away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.
  • I Pill should be kept away from pets and children, especially young teenagers.
  • I Pill must be stored in an airtight container and one must keep a count of the number of the pill being consumed.

Purchasing I pill over the counter

I pill can be purchased over the counter from any of your neighborhood pharmacies or through online pharmacies. From online pharmacies, one can purchase quality I pill for a much lower price because they do not have the overhead costs that are laid due to intermediaries and the costs involved in having to maintain the physical store. Another advantage of ordering I pill from an online pharmacy is that the pill can be delivered to any location that you desire. The delivery can also be made in a packaging that is discreet and this way no one will get a whiff of your medicinal requirements.


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