Stilnox Brand (Ambien) (Zolpidem)

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Brand Names: Stilnox, Ambien

Generic Name: Zolpidem

Strengths: 10mg

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Stilnox is a hypnotic pill with characteristics to treat numerous sleep disorder conditions, the especially drug is powerful in offering relief from Insomnia. Categorized as a non-benzodiazepine, Zolpidem Tartrate is the main composition in this pill. Given the impact it causes in the neurotransmitters, Stilnox is highly efficient in maintaining the sleep. Stilnox doesn’t cause any adverse effects as such when consumed and this is the main reason why people buy Stilnox online and use it. Its hypnotic properties are slightly identical to that of benzodiazepines. Ambien can even be taken in the middle of the night by individuals finding it hard to sleep.

Secondary medical conditions treated by Stilnox

Stilnox supposedly contains certain muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant properties, though it is still under final stage of research. If approved, then the medication can be consumed by seizures afflicted people through which muscles can be relaxed. However, there is a substantial evidence right at this juncture to vindicate its anticonvulsant properties. To experience the anticonvulsant effect, Stilnox needs to be administered in increasingly higher doses.

How fast Stilnox takes effect on the body?

Stilnox takes 15 minutes time to induce sleep upon consumption, which is comparatively faster than any other sleeping pill. Stilnox has a half-life ranging from two to three hours which indeed is lower than other sleeping pills.

Dosage Recommendations of Ambien

The maximum dosage strength of Stilnox is 10 mg. The dosage strength differs to a greater extent in men and women.  The course of therapy should be started with the lowest dose. Never try to increase the dosage of Stilnox without consulting your physician. In some individuals, consumption of a 10 mg dose aggravate the blood pressure levels the next day morning. Extra care needs to be taken by those individuals before buying Stilnox and consuming the pill.

What If I missed a dose of Ambien?

There is a very minimal likelihood of missing the dose of Ambien pill, as you got to consume the pills to experience sound sleep. Even at instances of missing dose, don’t resort to taking the missed dose during the next scheduled dose.

What are the aftereffects of Stilnox Overdose?

An overdose of Stilnox leads to severe negative health repercussions. Some of the overdose symptoms are plunging into coma stage, confusion, difficult breathing and lightheadedness.

How to consume Stilnox in a proper way?

Sleep deprived individuals who have taken Stilnox in the recent past should commence the new course of therapy by purchasing Stilnox drug in the same dosage strength. First-time users of Stilnox drug should abide by the instructions highlighted in the prescription label. Stilnox should not be used maximum beyond four weeks. It is highly necessary to swallow the pill as a whole to experience the full benefits of the medication. Abstain from crushing or chewing the pill at any circumstance. Never let it freeze. Store it only at room temperature.

Things to avoid while consuming Stilnox Brand

Since the drug contains sedative properties, chances are likely to be that a person might feel drowsy the next day morning upon consuming the pill.

  • Never attempt to indulge in any critical tasks that demand intense mental concentration and attentiveness. Heavy tasks like operating a machinery and driving should be completely avoided.
  • Especially don’t take Stilnox while on an air journey, since you might be awake much before the effects could cease out.

Side effects of Stilnox Brand (Ambien)

Stilnox can cause some minor side effects. There will be swelling of the face, lips, and tongue. Some individuals might tend to experience negative effects like anxiety, agitation, depression, aggression, memory problems, and strange thoughts. The common side effects are

  • Difficulty in coordination
  • Dry mouth and irritation in throat
  • Drowsiness during the day time
  • Throat irritation
  • Muscle pain and headache

Sometimes increasing the dose frequency can also trigger a multitude of side effects. Hence, see to it that you don’t take a double dose and deteriorate your health.


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