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Brand Names: Differin

Generic Name: Adapalene Topical

Strengths: Differin gel 60g, 15g, 30g

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Differin is the trade name of Adapalene, a skincare medicine used to treat acne. Differin is a topical medicine, meaning something that needs to be applied to the skin surface. Differin is only given to people above the age of twelve and is similar to vitamin A. People are buying Differin Generic online, since it is also used to treat skin conditions like keratosis pilaris, along with acne, though, as off-label. Adapalene helps to renew the skin and prevents acne from occurring again. Differin is a retinoid and works best in reducing the number as well as the severity of the acne.

How to apply Generic Differin on the skin?

  • Cleaning the area of the skin where the Differin cream is to be applied should be the first step. Wash and wipe your hands carefully, so as to not rub hard and damage the skin. Regular application of the cream will make the skin sensitive and so, even more care should be taken during the time of cleaning and wiping.
  • Patting and drying would be the best way to go about, instead of rubbing.
  • A small amount of Differin cream must be taken using the finger tips and applied gently over the affected region. The cream should not even be accidently brought close to the eyes or the lips.
  • A cotton swab might also be used to apply the Differin At first the cream might even seem to make the acne worse than before, as the medicine works with the acne producing skin. But with time, the acne numbers will start reducing.
  • Generally eight to twelve weeks is said to be the duration within which visible changes are observed.

What happens if I overuse Differin?

Differin is usually prescribed to be applied once a day. If the acne is slow to disappear, then the condition must be reported to the doctor, instead of applying more of the cream. Overdosing might result in the skin getting affected really bad. Irritation, reddening, and scaling are commonly reported as a result of overdosing.

Things to consider before using Differin Generic

  • Patients who are allergic to vitamin-A related drugs or other retinoids like isotretinoin, must report about it to the doctor before purchasing Differin.
  • Skin products that have glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl in them must not be used when Differin is being applied. Similarly, medicines used for the skin with lime, spices, astringents or alcohol in them must be avoided.
  • People with a history of eczema must report about it to the doctor before ordering Differin. Discussing the entire medical history and revealing about all medications previously taken, with the doctor is highly recommended.
  • Exposing the skin to the sun or tanning beds for a long time might cause harm to the skin as Differin makes the skin very sensitive. Skin products that have harmful chemicals in them and shampoo must be avoided, and the consumers of Differin must protect themselves with sun block and clothes that sufficiently cover the body from harsh surroundings and conditions.

Side effects of Differin

Differin might come with some side effects, though not everyone experiences it. Since it is a topical medicine, most of the side effects observed are concerning the skin.

  • Hives, red rashes, excessive dryness and scaly skin are some skin related side effects observed.
  • Swelling of the face or throat is also seen in a few while breathing difficulties have also been reported.
  • Certain burning, stinging, tingling sensations can be experienced by some, along with redness, irritation, and a warming effect especially within the first four weeks of its usage.

As long as these effects are mild, there is nothing to fear, but the doctor must be made to know of the effects felt by the patient. If the effects appear really severe, an emergency room visit is required.


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