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Brand Names: Ultram, Ultracet, Conzip

Generic Name: Tramadol SR

Strengths: Tramadol SR 50mg, 200mg, 100mg

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Tramadol Sustained Release (SR) is a highly active pain relieving drug that can treat moderate to severe pain caused by injuries or other medical conditions. Unlike other narcotic painkillers, tramadol SR doesn’t trigger any adverse effects in the body upon consumption. This is the reason that many people tend to buy tramadol SR online to get treated in an easy way Tramadol SR offers stable and long-lasting relief from pain in stages rather instantly. Tramadol SR upon consumption alters the pain sensation and enables a person to experience relief in an hours’ time.

What are the medical conditions treated by Tramadol SR?

Tramadol SR can be used to treat the pain of different intensities. The pain conditions tramadol SR treats are:

  • Acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain
  • In recent times, the medical world is prescribing tramadol SR for healing Fibromyalgia, a medical condition that causes pain and stiffness in muscles.
  • Tramadol SR is widely administered in hospitalized patients with intense pain, as they require non-stop treatment to control the pain symptoms.

How quick is Tramadol SR in relieving pain?

Pain management experts confess that Tramadol SR triggers impact in the body in the quickest possible time, to be precise within an hours’ time. In fact, the peak effects of pain relief can be observed in about 3 hours’ time upon administering tramadol SR and it last in the body for six hours. This medicine treats pain at a faster pace when compared to other pain medications like soma

Dosage Recommendations of Tramadol SR

The usual dosage of tramadol SR is as given below:

  • Start the dosage by taking one tablet a day.
  • Increase the dosage to 2 tablets a day (morning and evening).

Tramadol SR is available only in 100 mg dosage strength. One dose of tramadol SR is equivalent to four doses of Tramadol IR 50mg. To improve the tolerability level, However, the lowest dosage strength should not be below 50 mg. Strictly ensure that you consume tramadol SR at the same time every day, thus making the body accustomed to the effects of medication.

Advice to follow when taking Tramadol SR

  • Stick on to the dosage recommendations prescribed by the doctor.
  • Increasing or decreasing the dosage at your own discretion will pave a way to unwanted effects like breathing difficulty and so on.
  • Avoid consuming other narcotic pain-relievers whilst consuming Tramadol SR capsules, as the potential of tramadol SR alone is enough to trigger the necessary impact in the body.
  • There is no restriction on food intake along with tramadol SR. Individuals are advised to restrain from consuming tramadol SR in powdered form by crushing it or inhaling it or injecting tramadol SR in liquid form.
  • Tramadol SR can be injected only in patients with very severe pain.

What to do if I miss a dose?

There are umpteen possibilities to miss a dose, as sometimes we tend to forget because of various reasons. At instances of immediate remembrance, consume tramadol SR. If you feel, that it is the time for next dose, please do away with the missed dose and consume the pill that ought to be taken for the scheduled dose. If you’ve run out of tramadol SR pills, then it is advised that you avail tramadol SR as soon as possible to avoid complications.

What to do if I overdose Tramadol SR?

If you’ve overdosed Tramadol SR, it is strictly advised to consult a doctor rather than trying to take care of it by yourself. Tramadol is a very powerful drug which upon overdose can cause addictiveness and health problems in patients.Don’t overdose the medication on any accounts. Very often, when the pain levels don’t seem to reduce, individuals tend to increase the dosing frequency at their own prerogative. This, in turn, can develop hosts of side effects in the body and make the person dependent on the drug. This should be strictly avoided.

Side effects of Tramadol SR

Some individuals might develop side effects at the first instance during the initial course of therapy. Whatever the side effects might be, it eases out over the period time once the body gets accustomed to it. Some of the highly prevalent side effects of Tramadol SR are:

Harmful side effects

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Fever, sore throat, and rashes in skin
  • Nauseating, diarrhea and fainting
  • Hallucinations and agitated feeling
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating and itching of skin


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