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Tramadol Generic (Ultram)

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Brand Names: Ultram, Zytram, Ultram ER.

Generic Name: Tramadol.

Strengths: Tramadol 100mg, 200mg.

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Tramadol is a popular pain reliever that is seen as a narcotic and is approved by the FDA. It is a synthetic analgesic and works in a way similar to morphine. The sensation of pain that is transmitted throughout the body is received by some receptors in the brain and this medication binds these receptors. Consumers can buy Tramadol online for treating mid to high levels of pain. Both acute and chronic pain, are treated using this pain medication. European League against Rheumatism has recommended the use of Tramadol for managing pain caused by fibromyalgia. It is a no steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), but it does not cause internal bleeding or stomach ulcers.

Chemical composition of Tramadol

Tramadol contains the chemical component Tramadol HCL which is white odorless crystalline powder. It is made in two different forms which are immediate release and the extended release. The SR version has slightly different chemical composition when compared to the IR version. This difference springs from the fact that both the variations work for a different outcome.

One is administered on an as-needed basis while the other is used for pain treatment around the clock. One can also buy Ultram 100mg which is the brand form of Tramadol. There are also some inactive ingredients present in it which are the agents that are needed to make the pill. These inactive ingredients list also comprises of preservatives and flavorings.

How effective is Tramadol compared to other analgesic drugs?

Tramadol 100mg is considered to be the most potent analgesic and is usually the first choice of prescription by many doctors. It is very effective compared to other medication in the pain relief category. Given below are the many reasons why this medication stands out to be the number one analgesic:

The medicine has fast acting time and the sufferers get relieved from their pain in as less as 1 hour. It comes in two different formulations hence there are more options for people to choose from. Some clinical studies also stated that along with healing pain,  will also reduce depression to a certain extent. Being identical to a narcotic med in its working mechanism, this drug is easily able to produce calming effects in the brain.

It is not very hard on the body or the stomach and hence it does not hamper with the regular bodily functions. Although this benefit of the drug needs more conclusive studies, the drug was also known to cure withdrawal symptoms and post-herpetic neuralgia in some people. Hence people can even use this drug for this purpose but only upon getting an approval from the doctor.

How to take Tramadol?

The medication has to be allowed to dissolve inside the mouth, without chewing or swallowing it whole. It can be taken before or after food every four to six hours but in the same way, every time to reduce pain.

Use of Tramadol ER tablets may result in its shell passing out with the stool, which is normal. It is capable of slowing or stopping your breathing during the first few instances of using this medicine, so care should be taken that just the right amount of it is taken and not more or less than what is prescribed by the doctor.

All other narcotic pain relievers have to be stopped while on a course of treatment with Tramadol. There are multiple routes of administration including oral, rectal, IV and IM. The tablet shouldn’t be crushed or powdered as this will reduce the effect of the medication. Inhaling of the powder or injecting it into the vein shouldn’t be done as well.

Missing a dose and Overdose

Abruptly stopping the intake of Tramadol medication might result in the patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If a dose is missed, then that dose can be skipped if it is almost time for the next dose. Double dosing must be avoided as it can result in overdosing.

Overdosing on Tramadol generic is fatal, especially for people who consume it without prescription and children. Fainting, cold skin, extreme drowsiness, heart rate and breathing slowing down can all be symptoms of overdosing on this medication. Urgent medical attention is required in such circumstances.

Precautions to be followed

Patients with allergies to analgesics are likely to have allergic reactions towards this medication as well. Those who have breathing problems like severe asthma, those who have a history of using narcotic medications, sedatives and alcohol and those with a blockage in the stomach or intestines must report their problems to the doctor before taking Tramadol.

There is a higher risk of experiencing the seizure in patients who have the metabolic disorder, a history of drug abuse or have had epilepsy or a head injury. Sufferers of liver disease, alcohol addiction, stomach disorder or kidney disease will also have to be extra cautious while using the medicine.

The doctor should be provided the complete medical history of the patient, for the right medicines to be prescribed. As Tramadol generic falls under the category of a narcotic, sharing it with other people, especially with someone who has a history of drug abuse is not recommended. The medicine should be stored in a place where children and adults with a history of drug abuse can’t get access to it.

Studies conducted on effects of Tramadol on a developing baby are not conclusive. But some experts believe that its use during pregnancy will cause the baby to be physically dependent on the pill. Such babies who are born with the dependency on the pill may have to be in an intensive care unit and undergo treatment for a certain time. Hence it is best to discuss with your doctor if you get pregnant while taking the pill.

Nursing mothers are advised against the use of Tramadol as its ingredients may pass to the baby through breast milk. It must only be taken by people who are over 16 years old.

Side effects

  • Breathing difficulties, swelling of the face, throat, lips or tongue and hives are some symptoms of allergic reactions to Tramadol medication. Children who exhibit breathing difficulties, tiredness, sleepiness and blue colored lips have very likely consumed the medicine and should be taken to the doctor right away, as the medication is not for use in children.
  • Anxiety, excessive perspiration, constipation, nausea, headache, exhaustion, itchiness, vomiting or stomach pain, are all some common side effects of this medication.
  • Some severe side effects that need the doctor’s attention immediately are shallow breathing, agitation, hallucination or nausea caused by high levels of serotonin in the body, seizures or severe skin reactions.

Getting first quality Tramadol pills online

Top quality Tramadol generic can be obtained from a trusted online pharmacy which is designed with strict security standards. They sell their pills in the finest quality of because they thoroughly inspect all the products for their quality time and again and only make the pills available for sale after they pass the quality checks. Hence you can obtain quality generics from without any fear of sub-standard product.

They also ascertain the quality of the pills by only opting for trustworthy and reliable manufacturers whose utmost priority is the quality of pills. The price at which you get your medications is significantly low compared to the clinical pharmacies or neighborhood stores.

How to buy Tramadol without prescription legally?

If you don’t have a doctor written prescription for Tramadol, you can request for an online prescription which can be used to make the purchase legally.  Given below are the steps to follow to get Tramadol prescribed online:

One needs to choose a safe online pharmacy and upload their medical records and wait for the online doctor to verify the records which are usually done within a day or two.

After this step, one can go to the website and order the prescription and get it delivered to their home along with a prescription. A prescription will usually also contain the dosage information and also the duration of time to take the medicine. With a prescription, the chances of misuse will be greatly minimized and your safety is ensured.
Note: Although there might be many websites that probe you for generics even if you do not have a prescription it is not always safe to opt for such online pharmacies.

While some do provide the medicine with no prescription most of them can be fake websites that either rip you off without sending any products or in the worst case send you a product with sub-standard or cheap ingredients. Hence it is always safer to only choose authentic websites that let you procure this pain medication only with the prescription.


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