Sildenafil Chewable 4 Flavors

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Brand Names: Sildenafil Chewable 4 Flavors

Generic Names: Sildenafil

Strengths: 100mg

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Sildenafil is a quality medicine finding ample usage for disorders in the male reproductive system. Sildenafil improves men’s ability to maintain an erection. Sildenafil is identified as an inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase type 5 or abbreviated as PDE5.Erectile dysfunction is a problem, many of them may not be willing to confide easily with others and believe they have to leave with the problem forever. Sildenafil is a chewable drug that can be bought in sachets. The main advantage of Sildenafil Chewable 4 flavors is that it can be consumed with ease and people can buy sildenafil online very easily. People having difficulty in taking tablets can use the chewable drug to take care of their Erectile Dysfunction problem

How does sildenafil works in treating impotency

Sildenafil precisely works by inducing relaxation in the vessels carrying blood and dilation of the passage of blood flow. Consequently, the blood pressure in the lungs gets lowered and definitely increases the stamina to do the workout. Upon consumption of Sildenafil, there will be an increase in blood flow to the penis and when there is an erection the increased blood flow maintains the erection for a longer period of time.

Other uses of Sildenafil Chewable 4 flavors

Sildenafil along with treating problems in the male reproductive system is widely recommended as an important pill for treating abnormally excessive blood pressure in the lungs and it is medically referred as pulmonary arterial hypertension and in short as PAH. As per the diagnosis is done by the medico, Sildenafil can be utilized for curing other disorders too.

Dosage instructions of Sildenafil Chewable 4 flavors

  • Sildenafil should be taken only as required without exceeding one dose in a day.
  • Take the flavor of choice and chew it before swallowing.
  • Sildenafil should be taken about thirty to sixty minutes before engaging in sexual activity.
  • Sexual stimulation is required for Sildenafil to work.
  • Do not consume alcohol or any grapefruit products while taking Sildenafil.

Who shouldn’t take Sildenafil Chewable 4 flavors?

  • Being allergic to any of the constituents in sildenafil
  • Presently undergoing the problem of pulmonary veno-occulsive ailment (PVOD)
  • A track record of liver or kidney ailments, excessive or abysmally low blood pressure, experience dehydration
  • Problems in the blood cell
  • Heart related diseases like aortic stenosis, non-maintenance of rhythm in the heartbeat or even an instance of failure of the heart itself in the past
  • Also, count on the problems in the neuro region

Drug interactions of Sildenafil Chewable 4 flavors

  • In the habit of taking nitrates like isosorbide, nitroglycerin etc in any format like tablet or through spray
  • In the practice of consuming other pills whose, constituents include sildenafil or even ritonavir
  • If the patient is already consuming prescription or nonprescription pill then he should avoid taking Sildenafil

Side effects of Sildenafil Chewable 4 flavors

  • The intake of Sildenafil may lead to drowsiness or at times the eyesight may get blurred and probably the condition may get aggravated on consumption along with alcohol.
  • In the event of occurrence of vomiting, while taking Sildenafil, the patient has to take adequate care to avoid getting dehydrated and consult a physician at the earliest.


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