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Brand Names: Levitra Soft, Levitra

Generic Names: Vardenafil

Strengths: Levitra Soft 20mg

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Levitra soft tabs are small tablets of Levitra mainly prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation are common men’s health problems that are being diagnosed more often in people today. Men of any age group, including senior people, face these problems due to factors like genetics, lifestyle choices and other health problems. Impotency is a treatable condition and many doctors prescribe people to buy Levitra soft tabs online, as the choice of drug for overcoming sexual troubles. Levitra soft tabs help the person to achieve and maintain an erection. It is a simple remedy to a problem that is seen in a wider group of men and is one of the few ED drugs that is effective with little to no side effects.

Dosage instructions for Levitra soft tabs

  • The Levitra soft tabs can be either be chewed or placed under the tongue till it melts completely. The drug is taken just before sexual activity and it is unlikely for the dose to be missed.
  • Swallowing the chewable tablets may delay the onset of the drug’s reaction in the body. Therefore, Levitra soft tabs should be taken exactly as indicated.
  • Persons who have difficulty in swallowing can take this version of Vardenafil without any hindrance. The chewing of the pill means that as soon as it reaches the stomach, it can be absorbed into the blood stream. This shortens the activation time of the drug from about forty-five minutes to just fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • The person can then achieve erection easily when there is sexual stimulation, which is required to feel the effects of the drug. Persons of any age group can try Levitra soft tab pills and promote sexual health.
  • The Levitra Soft Tabs are available at the dosage strength of 20mg and work similar to the compressed tablets by easing the muscles of arterial blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to other parts of the body, thereby enabling an erection.

How effective are Levitra Soft tabs when compared to other ED drugs?

Levitra soft tabs can be considered to be more powerful than the other forms of the ED pills like viagra and cialis, hence people can purchase Levitra soft tabs, as they easy get absorbed into the bloodstream and enables faster onset of the drug’s effects. The chewable pills are the generic variations, but they contain the same ingredients that make it effective as the brand one. Levitra soft tabs work very well irrespective of the type of food consumed by the person before he undergoes sexual activity. The person taking Levitra soft tabs will still be able to feel the same effects of Levitra, but at an increased rate of action time, since it dissolves quickly and mixes with the blood easily. However, Vardenafil can be taken to treat impotency at the same time in spite of some health problems. This does not apply to persons who have low blood pressure, diabetes or heart conditions, as the drug’s working mechanism can aggravate these symptoms and can cause serious side effects.

How to store Levitra Soft tabs?

Before consuming Levitra Soft tabs, one must know how to store this pill. Some information regarding the storage of Levitra Soft tabs are given below:

  • Levitra Soft tabs ought to be stored at room temperature between 15°C to 30 °C.
  • Keep Levitra Soft tabs in a cool dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Always keep Levitra Soft tabs away from children and pets.


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