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Brand Names: Levitra Jelly, Levitra

Generic Name: Vardenafil

Strengths: Levitra Jelly 20mg

Where to buy Levitra Oral Jelly online?



Levitra Oral Jelly is one of the most popular forms of quick release medication that is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One can get a strong erection in a short span of time and can enjoy the sexual pleasure for quite a long time without any distress. Levitra oral jelly is ready to chew oral jelly and is for those who find it difficult to swallow the Levitra pills. Levitra oral jelly is considered to be one of the highest selling forms of pill among the Erectile Dysfunction medicine. This is the reason why many people were buying Levitra oral jelly online. Levitra oral jelly enables blood flow to the penis as a result of which a strong erection is experienced.  Levitra oral jelly is available in handy sachets and can be easily kept in the pocket and taken it along wherever you go without any issues as they are convenient to handle. This jelly based form of Levitra is as effective as its original form and moreover Levitra Oral Jelly works faster and better.

How the drug works?

Levitra oral jelly works by relaxing the muscles in the penis and also blocks certain chemicals that can reverse the reaction. This way, more blood flows to the penis and results in a strong and lasting erection. Levitra Oral Jelly, however, works only when there is sexual stimulation.

How quick is Levitra oral jelly and how long do its effects last?

The most important consideration of Levitra Oral Jelly is that it can begin to work within just 15 minutes upon its consumption and its effects can last for about 36 hours in the body. Levitra Oral Jelly completely penetrates into the blood stream in just seven to ten minutes rather than passing through the gastrointestinal tracts that take about 45 minutes, a long reacting time.

Dosage instructions for Levitra oral jelly

The oral jelly comprises of 20mg of Levitra oral jelly and is to be taken an hour before any sexual activity. If in any case, Levitra oral jelly appears to be not suitable for your body, then gradually reduce the dosage to 25mg daily. Take the Levitra oral jelly pills strictly as directed by your physician and do not exceed the recommended dosage at any instance without the consent of the physician. The action of this Levitra oral jelly is not suppressed by fatty foods. Therefore Levitra Oral Jelly can be taken irrespective of with or without food. You can take Levitra oral jelly by just tearing the sachet probably fifteen minutes before having sexual intercourse. You can also take it by squeezing the jelly or can also mix it with juice and consume it. The Levitra oral jelly quickly dissolves initiating the erection process. Do not take the dosage in higher quantity than what is recommended and do not take more than one pill every day. It is a very good alternative to the swallowing based drugs and more men love this jelly based pills that also comes in a variety of flavors. Store the drug at room temperature and keep it away from the reach of children. Also, do not let the pill get exposed to sunlight and moisture.

Who should think twice before getting prescribed for Levitra oral jelly?

Levitra oral jelly should not be taken by men who had heart failure, heart attacks. Intimate your doctor about the medical condition if you were upon observation earlier. Inform your physician in case you have a serious renal impairment, a bleeding disorder, and ulcer, allergy to the medicine or any other drugs.


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