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Brand Names: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra

Generic Names: Tadalafil, Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil

Strengths: 20mg Cialis, 100mg Viagra, 20mg Levitra

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The Super ED pack comprises of three powerful erectile dysfunction drugs namely Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. Each brand contains 6 pills in the pack. The objective is to enable people experiment with these three erectile dysfunction medications and figure out the best amongst them. To test these medications there has been a rage in the online pharmacy to buy super ed pack online. Though all these are the best in the market, still each medication in super ED pack works uniquely in different individuals. Some would experience lasting erection through Cialis, whereas other through Levitra. Hence, depending on the erection experienced upon consumption of the pill, people can choose their desired erectile dysfunction pill. The active ingredient in Cialis is Tadalafil, whereas in Viagra and Levitra it is sildenafil citrate and Vardenafil respectively.

How fast Erectile Dysfunction drugs takes effect in the body?

Cialis upon consumption triggers positive effect within 30 minutes time, whereas Levitra and Viagra stimulate erection in about 60 minutes time.

How long the effects of the drug last?

The effects of Cialis last for a longer period of time, typically between 24 to 36 hours. On the other hand, the effects of Levitra and Viagra last for 5 hours and 4 hours respectively. In almost all aspects, the working pattern of these drugs is identical in nature.

Super ED Pack Dosage Instructions

  • The ideal dose for first-time users of Levitra would be 20 mg. If not, the medication can be cut into halves and 10 mg can be administered.
  • Depending on the longevity of the erection, dosage strength can be fine-tuned further. Cialis is available in 20 mg dosage strength.
  • For those taking on an as-needed basis, the ideal dosage strength would be 20 mg. People who wish to consume the pill regularly for satisfying their sexual urge should consume 10 mg Cialis pills. The recommended dose of Viagra is 50 mg.
  • Never consume any of these medicines more than once in a day, as it leads to overdose.

Super ED pack intake pattern

All these erectile dysfunction super ED pack pills should be taken as a whole single tablet. Use water to swallow the pills. Only chewable pills should be allowed to disintegrate by keeping it under the tongue. Otherwise, abstain it from disintegrating it orally. Given its longer half-lives, it is best advised to consume the pills within 30 minutes to 1 hour before having sexual intercourse. Never resort to crushing the pill, as the effectiveness is completely lost.

Drug Interactions of Super ED pack Brand drugs

There are wide ranges of medicines with which super ED pack drugs interact extensively. Below are the lists of medications.

  • Antifungal medicines like ketoconazole, and itraconazole
  • Medications for treating prostate disorder and high blood pressure conditions like terazosin, doxazosin, silodosin, tamsulosin and alfuzosin
  • Antibiotics like telithromycin, clarithromycin, and erythromycin
  • Heart rhythm medicines like procainamide, dofetilide, disopyramide, sotalol, amiodarone and quinidine

The above-listed drugs aren’t the only ones with which ED medications interact. Perhaps, there is a possibility of interaction with other categories of medicines too.

How to take super ED pack drugs safely?

Before making a choice to consume super ED pack pills, one should disclose the list of prescription and non-prescription medicines to the doctor and accordingly take a call on whether or not to consume the pill. Individuals taking nitroglycerine and medications made of nitrate should be extra cautious before administering the pill as it can trigger some adverse effects. Even people who take recreational drugs should stay away from consuming ED drugs, as even those pills can contain nitrite and amyl nitrate.

Side effects of Super ED Pack drugs

Erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis which are a part Super ED Pack can cause

  • Vision loss in individuals
  • Suffering from heart ailments,
  • Diabetes,
  • Smoking disorder,
  • High cholesterol and
  • Blood pressure levels.

Also, people above 50 years of age should never attempt to consume ED pills of any kind.


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