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HIV tester is a home kit that can be used to check if a person is afflicted with human immunodeficiency virus and if they need a treatment for their condition. These test kits are FDA approved and can be used for testing both HIV-1 and HIV-2. This particular home kit is only intended as an oral test and there is no blood involved in it. Hence even people who are afraid of blood or injection can fearlessly used this kit. People can buy HIV tester online, as this kit can be used in absolute privacy at your own home where no strangers will come to know about your health complications.

How does the HIV tester kits work?

HIV tester is an oral testing kit than can be done in a very simple way. Take a bud and collect the oral fluid in your mouth by swapping the upper and lower part of the gums. The fluid collected in this way will be similar to the blood testing. It does not actually check for HIV, but it detects the antibodies for HIV. When the bud is inserted into the HIV tester kit, there will be two points of identification on the test tube. One point is C-line, whereas the other point is T-line. If the C-line turns darker, then that means that test is working properly. If only the C-line is dark and there is no appearance of T-lines, then the test is negative. If both C-line and T-line are dark then the test indicates positive. If no C-line appears, then the test is not working properly. In such cases, you can swap the bud again and repeat the test.

What is the difference between HIV self-testing and an HIV postal test?

HIV postal test is a way where a person takes the sample (either blood or saliva) and sends it to a laboratory and wait for the results to come back after a few days. HIV self-kit on the other hand, is a method where an individual can take the test by himself right from home and he will know the results of his test immediately, usually within 20 minutes of taking the test with HIV tester.

What is the window period for HIV tester?

The window period for a HIV tester means that time in between the exposure to the virus and the establishment of the virus in the body to such an extent that is, it able to give an accurate result. The window period for HIV tester is usually 4 weeks. But when you are testing for anti-bodies, the window period is usually 3 months.

How reliable is HIV tester?

Recent clinical studies suggested that the oral testing HIV kits are 91% effective in giving accurate results. But the reliability of the HIV tester also depends on whether the test is taken before or after the window period. When the test is taken 3 months after suspected infections, then the results are bound be very accurate. But it is also found to be a bit less accurate than lab testing, that is performed by taking a blood sample. The accuracy in this case is 99.7%. False negative can also be interpreted by a user if the instructions are not read properly or if the user is using any dental product such as dentures at the time of testing.

What are the benefits of using HIV tester rather than Visiting Clinic?

  • It is very beneficial to use HIV tester kit from home and the single most advantageous fact is the privacy that this mode of testing offers. One need not worry about a stranger knowing about any medical ailments you have.
  • Home based testing will improve the accessibility of the patients who would otherwise be reluctant to go to a clinic and do the testing.
  • HIV tester home kit can also bring in the convenience factor where people who stay in a remote area and who do not have access to a clinic, can also get themselves tested.

Where to buy the reliable HIV tester?

People can buy Reliable HIV tester from many online pharmacies at a relatively low cost. The mail order pharmacy will deliver the product right to the customer’s home so anyone, no matter where they are living, can get access to the kit. They also perform quality checks before putting the product up for sale. The online pharmacies that sell HIV tester are available in a large number, and hence one can even do a price comparison to buying HIV tester kit for the cheapest price. But be careful to not fall for the websites that offer the product for a price which is too good to be true, because, there is a possibility that they might send you a fake kit. Therefore choose only reliable pharmacies.


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