Reminyl Generic (Galantamine)

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Brand Names: Reminyl

Generic Names: Galantamine

Strengths: Reminyl 16mg ; 8mg

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Reminyl is the brand that contains galantamine, a chemical used to interact with the nerve cells by improving their function in the brain. Reminyl is a drug prescribed for people diagnosed with mild or moderate dementia resulting from Alzheimer’s disease. Such people have low levels of Acetylcholine (neurotransmitter), a chemical responsible for coordinated functioning of the brain. Hence people who are suffering from this can buy Reminyl Generic online to treat their problem. One of its main function is to process memory, thinking, and reasoning. Galantamine functions in a way to balance this neurotransmitter that is otherwise in an unbalanced state, thereby, improving the ability to perform daily activities. However, this medication is not known to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

Dosage instructions of Reminyl

The dose of a prescription drug should always be specified by a trained health care professional. Initially, a lower dose of Reminyl may be prescribed to you, based on your medical condition and response to the treatment, the dosage will be increased to the target dose. Carefully follow the instructions given by your doctor.

  • Typically 24 mg of Reminyl is prescribed to an individual.
  • Reminyl can be taken orally with food, usually twice a day with morning and evening meals.
  • Drink plenty of water while taking Reminyl, unless you are advised otherwise by your doctor.

People can also purchase Reminyl in liquid form. Carefully read the information leaflet provided with the medicine before you take Reminyl. The liquid should only be taken following the doctor’s recommendations. The dose of galantamine can be measured using the measurement device provided with the product. Always maintain hygiene conditions while taking any drug and you will be less prone to infections or other side effects.

The usage of galantamine should be regular, in order to obtain the most benefits from the medicine. If you have discontinued the usage of Reminyl for any reason, consult your doctor first, before taking the medicine again. You may be instructed to start with a lower dose first and gradually increase the dose. If overdose of this medicine is suspected, call your doctor without any delay.

Storage Instructions for Reminyl Generic

  • Store Reminyl away from direct sunlight and moisture, at room temperature.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Storage of Reminyl between 15 – 30 °C is allowed.
  • Do not put Reminyl in freezer.

Things to follow before taking Reminyl Generic (Galantamine)

  • Before taking Reminyl, inform you doctor if you have suffered from kidney or liver diseases, urine infections, ulcers or bleeding in the stomach, asthma or seizers. Also, indicate to them if you had any allergic reactions resulting from any medication in the past. Some of the medicines might interact with each other and give raise to adverse effects in the body. Hence, it is imperative to inform your doctor about all the prescription, non-prescription, chemical or herbal medications that you are currently taking before getting a prescription and ordering generic Reminyl.
  • Galantamine is not expected to harm a pregnant woman or the developing fetus. It is also not known whether this medicine goes into the breast milk or if it can affect a feeding baby. However it is best to consult a doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding, while on this medication.
  • Reminyl is known to cause drowsiness in people, so it best to abstain yourself from driving or operation heavy machinery.

Side effects of Reminyl

Any chemical formulations are bound to have some side effects associated with them. As in the case of galantamine, there are some common side effects which include,

Inform your health care professional right away if you notice severe side effects of Reminyl, such as

  • Pain in the chest,
  • Unusual color or texture of stool,
  • Coughing blood resembling coffee grounds,
  • Difficulty to urinate and
  • Lower heartbeat.

Although a very serious side effect from this medication is a rare occurrence, always be attentive so you can notice any unusual symptoms and contact your doctor immediately.


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