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Generic Names: Furosemide

Brand Names: CaduetLotrel, Norvasc

Strengths: Lasix 20mg, 40mg

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Lasix is majorly used for treating kidney ailments and controlling high blood pressure levels. Popularly known as Water pill, Lasix suppresses the fluid accumulation process because of heart failure and other liver diseases. High blood pressure can also lead to diabetes. Lasix obstructs the body from ingesting salt, thereby keeping the blood pressure levels under control. Lasix happens to be the widely consumed pill for treating high blood pressure condition. Furosemide is the generic name of this pill. The doctors even prefer and prescribe the people to buy Lasix generic online to treat their problems and get relieved
Doctors prescribe Lasix for treating Edema, a medical condition with excess fluid retention that is developed as a result of heart failure. Research indicates that Lasix can also treat renal impairment, nephrotic syndrome, and hepatic cirrhosis.

How Lasix generic differs from Lasix Brand?

The difference between generic Lasix and Lasix brand does not occur in terms of quality as both the formulations of this medicine has the same active ingredient Furosemide. Only the active ingredient present in this med acts on the body of the patient while the inactive ingredient has no impact but the only issue is that some might suffer from allergic reactions arising due to active and inactive ingredients. It is only the inactive ingredients that are different in the generic and brand Lasix. There is also a difference in shape which is due to different generic manufacturers. But when it comes to cost, there is a significant difference, as a generic version of Lasix is available at a cheap price when compared to the branded counterpart.

Lasix dosage information and instructions

  1. The initial dose of Lasix should not exceed the range of 20 to 80 mg. The gap between dosing frequency should be 6 to 8 hours.
  2. Dosage strength can be increased by 20 or 40 mg, but it should not be administered before 6 hours. It is said that dosage strength up to 80 mg can be administered in patients for a very long period; however, this should only be under a proper medical care.
  3. Adults batting hypertension can be given 80 mg of Lasix in two divided doses. Only at instances of improper response should the dosage strength be altered.
  4. People using other blood pressure agents along with Lasix, are vulnerable to experience an abrupt drop in the blood pressure levels. Hence, use of other pills should be contained to the maximum possible extent.
  5. Lasix should be taken as per the doctor’s prescription and instructions pertaining to its consumption can be had from the prescription label.
  6. The dosage strength is subjected to change as per the doctor’s prerogative. Individuals using the liquid formulation of Lasix should use the medicine-measuring cup for measuring the liquid.
  7. Consumption of Lasix leads to frequent urination and there is a likelihood for a person to get dehydrated very often. Hence taking potassium supplements or having potassium rich diet is favorable during the course of therapy.
  8. Even if you feel that your blood pressure level has come down, don’t discontinue the use of Lasix at your own discretion.

What precautions should be taken before using Lasix?

  • People with health-related problems like kidney or liver disease, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and gout are advised to talk to their physician in prior to taking Lasix
  • An individual who is allergic to sulfa drug is not supposed to take Lasix
  • Taking higher doses of Lasix may result in loss of hearing, so a person who is on treatment with this drug is recommended to take the medicine only as prescribed by the physician
  • Any patient who is finding it difficult to urinate is not supposed to take this drug
  • Do not take this medicine without consulting a doctor if you are nursing or if you are planning to become pregnant.

What are the possible side effects of Lasix?

Lasix triggers host of side effects at the initial stage. However, these effects are not fatal in nature and can be very much be cured.

  • Dark urine, Jaundice, Itching and hearing impairment
  • Appetite loss, Incessant ringing in ears, and pain in upper stomach and back
  • Body aches, swelling and weight loss
  • Weight gain, pain in chest and less urination
  • Troubled breathing, fever and rashes in skin
  • Continuous bleeding, pale skin, and difficulty in concentration

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Though it is safe to procure medicines only with the help of a prescription there are also possibilities to get Lasix generic online without prescription at The price of this med is cheaper here when compared to other online drug stores. But this is done in a legitimate way as they sell drugs only after providing the customer with an online prescription. The prescription to the drug is provided upon verifying the medical history and condition of the person. The prescription is provided by a medical expert who also directs on the specific dosing regimen and contraindications about the drug.


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